2nd Annual Herf and Turf

For those of you out there that missed out last year on an amazing event, our 1st Annual Herf and Turf fundraiser for Colorado C.O.P.S. at Del Frisco's.  This is your opportunity to get in on it this year!  September 15th at 5:00PM @ Del Frisco's in Greenwood Village.

In case you missed our webcast with Cigar Dojo on Smoke Night Live Friday, June 13th
you can view the recorded show here

If you are not familiar with CigarDojo, go check out the app or visit their website!  www.cigardojo.com

The Metal gets a 93 rating!!!

Click on the link below for the written review and the embedded video from Calypso Cigar Shop and Blog and a big THANK YOU to both Calypso and Blind Man's Puff for the great review! 

Blind Man's Puff CZ Metal Review

The Indie Video Review!

Welcome to CZ Cigars!!

Thank you for visiting CZ Cigars!  We are a new Denver based Cigar Manufacturer and look forward to a long career of enjoying the fellowship of the leaf (FOTL) with you. Check out the Colorado events in the coming weeks on our events page!  


Police, Military, & Firefighters

Welcome Military & Service Personnel!  CZ Cigars is a company that is founded by current and former members of the Law Enforcement community as well as the Military.  As such we have a profound respect and appreciation for those who serve.  We are proud to support and assist currently serving members of the cigar community with special price points as a thank you for your service.  Please email us with the details of your service and we will extend you the Service Price Point that you can take advantage of as often as you'd like.  Once again thank you for both your service and your patronage of CZ Cigars!  We look forward to a long lasting relationship!

Cigars for Warriors is an outstanding charity dedicated to getting your donated cigars into the hands of service men and women overseas!

Cigar Dojo cigar reviews and ratings